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For accounting and tax strategies designed around your business, turn to Business Evolution Consulting. We understand that your small business has unique goals and challenges so we don’t suggest cookie-cutter accounting solutions. When we become your accounting firm, you’ll get a true partner who takes the time to learn about your business, assess your needs, and develop a personalized package of accounting services and tax planning techniques.

Business Evolution Consulting is a valuable asset to small business owners because we possess the capabilities and professionalism of a large accounting firm combined with the responsiveness of a smaller firm. We always offer dependable financial advice and are committed to providing the best customer experience for every client.

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Dimity Simelgor

Dimitry Simelgor

My name is Dimitry Simelgor and I am the owner and operator of Business Evolution Consultant. I have an MBA degree in Finance from Michigan State University and Bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Toledo. For almost 20 years I have worked for a number of companies in various finance roles. During that time I learned a lot and have really enjoyed working with a variety of different people from all walks of life. But I always had the most fun when I was helping my friends and my family with their business endeavors. Be it analyzing my wife’s selling pattern for her online boutique, or helping my brother organize expenses in his medical office, or putting together forecasts and presentation to help my friend get funding for his start-up.

As I was reflecting back on what I have helped people in my life with I realized that while I love playing with numbers and doing all kinds of analysis the people I was helping did not, they just wanted to see results. That revelation caused me to look around and see who can provide this kind of support to smaller businesses. I checked out a number of different options and came to the conclusion that these business owners have two main options:

1) CPA/Accountants – they do a great job reporting information, get your taxes in order, and keep you from being audited; but are not necessarily equipped to provide financial analysis to help the business grow.

2) Self Service software – those are great if you have time to spend to set them up, time to keep it up, to make sure data is accurate, and take time to learn how to interpret the results.

Don’t take me wrong I think there is value in both of those options and there are solid reasons to use both of them (I am certified in Quickbooks and use them constantly). but what I propose to do for your business is to help you assess where the strength is and where improvements are needed, not just based on where you have been but by forecasting where you are going.

Marcus Lemonis – star of the show “The Profit” on CNBC (designed to help small business succeed) – said “If you are not evolving you’re dying”, so don’t let your business start dying to contact me today and let me help you evolve it so that you can continue to grow and be successful.